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Backwards compatibility arriving this winter

[E3 2015] Play 360 Titles on Your Xbox One, New Xbox One Controller

When the newest generation of consoles debuted at E3 two years ago, one of the biggest gripes players had about them was that previous titles were not supported. Sony eventually revealed PlayStation Now, a kind of rental/streaming service for older titles. Today, Microsoft went one step further and announced that the Xbox One will fully support 360 titles natively.

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Time to find some gems!

Grab Limited Time Only BattleBlock Theater Heads Every Week This August

Those that have experienced BattleBlock Theater know that the large assortment of wearable Prisoner heads is a highly sought after commodity. Heck, more than half of the game’s currency is used to purchase those things! If standing out from your co-op buddies is your thing, then this month is a great time to boot up the title and grab some specialty goodies.

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