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This Week In Co-Op Gaiden: The Feature That Almost Was

Hello friends, it's your old pal Mike! Since I hadn't had a chance to co-op recently, and Xbox Live was down last night (and I don't have a headset for PSN), I'm here to regale you with a tale of a feature that Jason and myself tried to get off the ground, but ultimately couldn't make work. It didn't have a name, but it did culminate in one of my favorite "co-op" (take note of those quotes) moments in recent memory.

by Katrina Pawlowski 21
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Ghostbusters Xbox 360 And PS3 Side-By-Side

When it comes to comparing same games on different consoles, most of the time it simply feels like comparing apples to apples. Unfortunately, in the case of Ghostbusters, we're comparing apples on a tree to fallen apples that may have been hit by a lawnmower once or twice. Since it's important to know where your money is going, we felt it necessary to share the differences this time.

by Nick Puleo 6
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Mad Dog McCree Gun Slingers Pack Shoots It's Way on the Wii-Wagon

Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you 1992.  It was a land filled with these new fangled things called "CD-ROM" drives.  And with them came the advent of Live Action Video Video Games.  One series of games found it's way not only onto consoles, but to the arcades.  The western themed game was called Mad Dog McCree - and you had to do everything in your power to stop him.

by Nick Puleo 9
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After yesterday's Xbox Live and downtime, which lasted just under 24 hours, members were told not to expect any updates.  And while it was partially true, there are no new features on Xbox Live or the Dashboard, got a pretty nice overhaul.

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Toy Legendary Cars In Burnout Paradise: Big Surf Island (Free!)

Ladies and Gentleman, start your itty-bitty engines! Burnout Paradise: Big Surf Island DLC not only includes an all new, gigantic, stunt-loaded Island for you to explore, but some more cars to use, as well! A lot of us drooled over the Legendary Car Pack that was for sale to download at $8, with a boatload of shiny new cars for the game. Well, Big Surf Island gives us a miniaturized version of a few of those cars, in the Toy Legendary Car Pack that comes with your purchase of Big Surf Island at $13!

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