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This is one heroic team!

Meet the Extra Life 2013 Team

Tomorrow morning, we're all starting our 25 hour Extra Life marathon. We're half way to our team goal of $2,500, and we need your help to go all the way. Please take a few minutes to read about our team members, and donate to Extra Life through one of their pages. Clicking on their names or picture will take you straight to their page.

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Fists will fly right out of your screen

3D Streets of Rage has a US Release Date

Nintendo went ahead and announced the release date for the much-anticipated 3D Streets of Rage. The portable two player brawler drops on the e-shop in the US December 19, just in time to pick up a few copies as digital stocking stuffers. With the handy mobility of the 3ds, you don't have to worry about spending another nanosecond without punching some street trash right in their mean old face.

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And a massive 75% discount for the weekend, too!

Magicka's Final DLC Released, Play for Free Until Sunday

Surprise! Magicka is still kicking almost three years after its initial release, all thanks to nearly two dozen DLC packs. That epic tale is officially coming to a close as the final chapter in the Magicka saga is turned loose to the world. To kick off the festivities, Steam is offering a free Magicka weekend and discounting the game and DLCs by 75%!

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Complete with its console exclusive co-op mode.

Angry Birds Star Wars Heading to Next-Gen Consoles

Angry Birds Star Wars is set to be a launch title for Xbox One and PlayStation 4. The console version of the mobile hit recently released for the big current-gen systems, a bare-bones co-op mode in tow. And as soon as your big fancy new system arrives in November, you, too, can fling Star Wars-themed birds at Star Wars-themed pigs. In HD!

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