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And everybody thought "The Duke" was a big controller...

Enjoy Classic Capcom Arcade Games in Your Home

Everybody's getting into the "classic games on a little box" game these days. Nintendo has the NES Classic and SNES Classic, Sega is releasing the Genesis Mini this Fall (we're waiting for the full list of games to be revealed so we know just how many co-op titles it will have), and last week, Capcom revealed that it's getting into the retro game market, too, with its "Capcom Home Arcade" console/controller.

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Buddy bot engage

Defend Your Tower with Friends in My Tower, My Home

I'm a fan of action-oriented tower defense titles. The amount of time I spent playing Sol Survivor was far greater than I could have anticipated. Thus, I am both interested in and hesitant of Shoor Games' new title, My Tower, My Home. Combining the hectic energy of a platform shooter with the chaotic scrambling that happens in those later waves of a tower defense seems like a mighty powerful drug.

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