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Turn off the radio

Ghost Recon Wildlands Patch #2 is Live

If there is one thing I truly dislike about Ghost Recon Wildlands its the writing. The whole thing feels a bit too sophmoric for me. Perhaps I'm just getting curmudgin in my old age, I'm sure some folks find jokes about wooden cat legs being used for unspeakable acts as hilarious. Good news! If you'd rather not hear about the radio DJ's silly antics, you can turn them off thanks two a new update.

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Reveal your secrets to us all please!

The Switch has a Secret of Mana (but so far only in Japan)

There are defining moments in any co-op player's life and one of those for this humble writer is the awesome Super Nintendo game Secret of Mana.  Imagine taking the best Final Fantasy games from the 16 bit era, splicing in a good amount of A Link to the Past and then adding 3 player co-op!  Now Nintendo Switch players can relive my joy, but so far only those from Japan.

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