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Crate Entertainment Announces Grim Dawn

When Iron Lore studios closed its doors back in 2008, we were sad to hear the news.  After all, Titan Quest, their action/RPG title fashioned in the same vein as Diablo, was a great co-op game and nicely filled that action/RPG void that Diablo II had left in our hearts since the late '90s.  So when Crate Entertainment was formed earlier last year, we couldn't wait to see what that group would crank out.  We had to wait another year, but Crate Entertainment has now announced their new action/RPG title: Grim Dawn.

by Marc Allie 5
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Hacked Bobbleheads Roaming the Borderlands

It appears that something wicked walks the Borderlands, and evil comes in the form of... hacked bobble heads!  Modded bobble heads full of cash are hacking players' shields and weapons, giving them an unfair advantage compared to legit players.  Worst of all, it can happen unknowingly to the innocent, as related by longtime Co-Optimus user Shazoo in our forums...

by Nick Puleo 4
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Defend Twitter from Zombies in TweetDefense

It's always interesting to see some unique form of cooperative play pop up, such as that which is coming in TweetDefense.  The iPhone and iPod Touch game mashes up zombie survival modes with the tower defense genre and throws in Twitter for good measure.  Twitter?  Yes THAT Twitter.

by Nick Puleo 31
  • xbox 360

Halo Reach Leaked Video and Screenshots hit the Web

Oh Internet!  Is there nothing you can't provide?  The latest bushel of wholesome goodness to be thrown from your large bosom is leaked footage from the upcoming Halo Reach Beta.  Oh yes!  Be titillated by the new, almost Asian inspired, soundtrack.  Stare at the loading screen and ponder what Murder Mode is.  And then, well then watch as the guy quickly covers the camera and we hear some in game background chatter going on.  Seems almost intentional, no? 

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