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Co-Op Release Alert: House of the Dead, Onechanbra Bikini Cowboy Hats

Check out those ESRB ratings: M, M, M.  I'm pretty sure this is the only week ever where three different M-rated co-op titles were released.  House of the Dead Overkill continues a fine line of co-op shooters, this time on the Wii.  And the Onechanbara games... well, what can you say?  Girls in bikinis, katanas, zombies, and a very large cowboy hat all mixed up into two quite unique co-op gaming packages.  You have to give them credit for creativity, for sure.  Provided below, for your ease of use, are handy links to for each game; purchases help support Co-Optimus!

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House of the Dead Overkill Impressions [NYCC]

Sega's booth was one of the most active on the NY Comic Con show floor.  Whether that's because they were giving out free t-shirts, or because they had a ton of great games...well that's yet to be seen.  Buried deep within the confines of the booth, hidden behind zombies giving out comics and hugs...yes zombie hugs...was House of the Dead Overkill.  The game is a two player co-op shooter for the Wii, and it's the first House of the Dead game that isn't based on an arcade title.

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New Ghostbusters Trailer Features Movie Footage, also Ghost Fishing.

Familiarity among geeks is essential when taking something we love and introducing it in a new medium. To emphasize the familiar, the new Ghostbusters trailer features movie footage from 1984, and an important lesson delivered by Harold Ramis: Don't look directly into the trap. I can only imagine that the film footage was also to show off the likeness in both features and voice. I was impressed with how everything looks, and noticed a bit of Ghost-fishing with the way the streams seem to work.

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