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This Week in Co-Op: Halo Wars

I am always impressed when a franchise can take a fan favorite, and risk translating it to something completely different. I've always loved the Halo universe, but I'm not a huge fan of shooting games. So, to see Halo shed its FPS skin into the very different RTS form in Halo Wars, it was love at first sight. To show my affection, I found it absolutely necessary to complete all of the secondary missions, and find all of the games Easter Eggs.

by Nick Puleo 8
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Resident Evil 5 Requires a 5GB Install on the PS3

Just a quick PSA - if you are planning on snagging Resident Evil 5 this Friday on the PlayStation 3, you might want to make sure you have enough free space on your drive as the game is going to require a 5GB install to get up and running.  It would be quite embarrassing to try to set up a co-op session with a buddy only to have to say - "sorry dude, I gotta clear up some hard drive space."

by Nick Puleo 2

Castle Crashers Developers Unveiling Game #3 Soon

The Behemoth, makers of the ridiculously awesome four player co-op Castle Crashers, have announced that they are announcing their new game; aptly titled Game #3 on March 18th.  Got that?  The developers are announcing and announcement which is actually a video of a game that's yet to be announced.

by Marc Allie 2
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Burnout Paradise Co-Op Review

Burnout Paradise is the game for this month's official X-Box Live Co-Op Night.  Though the game has been out a while, it has had several updates recently. We never reviewed it here at Co-Optimus... until now.  How does the co-op stack up?

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