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Dawn of War II Patch Available Tomorrow

Another patch will be available tomorrow for RTS/RPG hybrid Dawn of War II.   The update will take the game up to version 1.3, and features your standard bug fixes plus a bit of new content as well.  Only a couple co-op specific fixes are noted.

by Nick Puleo 5

Duke Nukem Forever Media Rises from the Ashes of 3D Realms

When someone works for over ten years on the same project, well their portfolio tends to not have a lot in it.  With all of 3D Realms let go with the studio's closure, there are plenty of artists looking for a job now, and most of them have a portfolio filled with Duke Nukem Forever goodies.

by Marc Allie 2

Co-Op Classics: Star Trek Voyager The Arcade Game

Be warned, readers.  I am torn about whether or not I should even write this article.  I like to tie in my weekly columns with new game releases, or movies, as you may have noticed.  Digging through the Co-Optimus database, only the new D-A-C game and an older Trek game I hadn't played turned up.  Since I prefer to have actually played the games I write about, I had to look elsewhere.  Imagine my surprise when I rediscovered an arcade lightgun shooter based on Star Trek Voyager after a quick Google search.  I had totally forgotten I had ever played it, which didn't bode well.  Perhaps it was not the best choice for Co-Op Classics, perhaps, but hey, sometimes you just have to boldly go. 

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