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Golden Axe: Beast Rider's Postmortem Reveals Lack of Co-Op Decision

Back in September, we reported that the reimagined Golden Axe game would lack any kind of co-op and that decision seemed to have been the death knell for the game. Today, Gamasutra posted part of a more in-depth interview that their sister publication, Game Developer magzine, had with Secret Level's Michael Boccieri. The interview is a fairly open and honest discussion about the challenges and difficult choices they had to make when they took on the task of bringing Golden Axe into the modern gaming age and is worth a full read. Of particular note, however, Boccieri had this to say about the removal of co-op:

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Is That a Sackboy in Your Pocket? LittleBigPlanet for PSP Coming This Year

LittleBigPlanet for PSP been rumored for a while, but now it's official.  The cutest little mascot Sony's ever had is definitely heading toward the Playstation Portable.  No official release date has been announced other than "before the end of the year".    Sounds like another fall release to me; didn't they learn from their previous mistake?  LBP for PSP (just rolls off the tongue) will be chock full of new content and levels, not just a port.  You'll be able to play, create, and share on the go.

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Resident Evil 5 Xbox Unboxed, Commercial Co-Ops

Japanese actress Chiaki Kuriyama, who played Kill Bill's Gogo Yubar, stars in a commercial for Resident Evil 5 - otherwise known as Biohazard in Japan.  The commercial shows some tense moments as Chiaki fights off the infected horde in the game.  Just when it looks like all hope is lost, she realizes she has her partner by her side - an obvious nod to the games strong cooperative core.

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