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Use your imagination, as long as you stick to Disney IP

See How Toy Box Mode will Work in Disney Infinity

I know a couple of games that have sold well recently; Minecraft 360 and Skylanders.  One involves creating immense worlds, the other buying toys and bringing them into your game.  No one ever excused Disney of not being able to make a buck or two themselves, so they have combined these two concepts in Disney Infinity's Toy Box Mode.  The latest trailer for the game shows us how you go about building a Disney World of your own.

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Co-Opticast Episode 109: The One Where We Discuss the One

We discuss the only sensible thing to discuss on the latest episode of the Co-Opticast - the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4. Well mostly we just discuss the Xbox One and how the policies and change of policies are effecting it's pre-launch hype. We do have a lot of impressions to offer as well, including Company of Heroes 2, Fuse, and a few other co-op games.

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No headset for you!

Microsoft Will Not Offer Free Headset with Xbox One

In yet another marketing blunder by Microsoft, they have revealed that they will not be packaging a headset with their next gen Xbox One system. While it seems like a poor decision, Microsoft has publicly stated that they hope that players will turn to the Kinect for their voice chat needs. The mandatory Kinect, while capable of serving as a means of communicating with others over Xbox Live, has obvious negative implications involved with its use. The most egregious offense is that when we go online, we will not only hear people's voices, but we will also hear all of the background noise that goes along with it. The Kinect is also not ideal for gamers who are hearing impaired, or those that have children with sensitive ears. A simple and cheap headset would alleviate the issue, but it seems Microsoft's plans are much more exacting than that.

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And maybe a fifth once that mystery game gets unlocked.

Indie Royale Bundle Features Four Co-Op PC Games

The Indie Royale Bundle has unveiled its latest offering, packing together a handful of games for a low "pay pretty much whatever you want" price. As long as you beat the minimum, of course. This bundle is dubbed the Spiral Groove Bundle and it's all about action games. And what makes an action game even more actioney? The chance to show off your skills in co-op! All four of the games currently featured have co-op modes, so you can stop worrying about how you were going to fritter away your weekend instead of doing something that, I don't know, solves world hunger or something like that. Whew.

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